About Us

Sapa Ben Thanh Aluminum Profiles Co., Ltd. (Sapa BTG) is formerly known as Vietnam Japan Aluminum Co. Ltd. (VIJALCO) and established in 1996. From December 2010, VIJALCO has become Sapa BTG until now. 
Since its establishment, Sapa BTG stands itself as the premium aluminum profiles extruder in Vietnam, and the products is qualified with international standards such as JIS (Japan), ASTM (America), EN (Europe), AS/NZS (Australia/New Zealand), etc... The management systems accredited by ISO 9001 – 2015 (DNV), Sapa BTG operates the automatic production lines with the international testing and measurement system, the imported primary billets, Sapa BTG has not only been able to serve local customers, but also successfully expand the export activities to fastidious markets such as Japan, Europe and North America.
Sapa BTG’s product quality is strictly tested with the tolerances and dimensions (i.e. sectional dimensions, straightness, flatness, twist, angularity, ED, and colourimeter) and mechanical properties (i.e. tensile S., proof S., elongation and anod thickness (6-20lm), Electro Deposition (ED, above 7lm)). Sapa BTG is not only approved by QUATEST 3 (Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3), but also well-equiped with the testing and measurement tools and equipment to ensure the Sapa BTG’s product to meet the customer’s need as committed. The followings are some major tools and equipment: 
• Hardness Test - Vickers  Akashi AVK
• Hardness Test - Webster
• Vision Measurement Machine
• Test of coating thickness – Kettlh 300C 
• Colorimeter Test - MINOLTA CR 300
Sapa BTG wishes to have a good opportunity to serve you with our best products and cost effectiveness.